I run a number of different workshops, any of which can be adjusted based on knowledge level, staff needs (cultural competency for colleagues and/or for clients), and population focus.

I am a social justice educator with over nine years of experience who has worked with people ranging from toddlers to post-retirement. I use a popular education style, which means I facilitate conversation and learning from the experiences and knowledge of everyone in the room, helping to shape deeper understanding.

I address a variety of learning styles through a variety of interactive, educational activities, conversations, media, and games. Learning in my workshops is experiential and fun.

I offer general workshops and can also tailor workshops to your specific needs. If you don’t see a topic on here that you’d like me to cover, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and we’ll work together to craft a workshop.

Workshops and speaking engagements are also available in conjunction with consulting, and we also can craft day-long programming, regular programs provided they are local to me, or retreats.

I have developed curriculum, speeches, and workshops on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Racism
  • Xenophobia
  • Ageism
  • Adultism
  • Prejudice/oppression 101
  • Youth organizing and adultism
  • Classism
  • Ableism
  • Fatphobia
  • Femmephobia
  • Militarism
  • Homophobia
  • Transphobia
  • Solidarity/allyship

I specialize in LGBTQIA issues, with workshops such as:

  • general LGBTQIA issues
  • (a)sexual/(a)romantic orientation
  • (a)gender identity
  • asexuality/aromanticism
  • non-binary and agender identities
  • bi/pan/queer needs
  • allyship

I have extensive experience running youth programming on all of these issues, and also have workshopped many times with adults. Youth and adults in my programs feel understood, thoughtful, and safe to be themselves. And we have fun at the same time!

Here are some sample workshop descriptions:

Non-Binary Identities 101

Many people have some understanding of what “trans” means, but are not so sure about “non-binary,” “agender,” “gender fluid,” “genderqueer,” “bigender,” or any of the thousands of other words out there for people who are not solely just male or female.

This workshop is an introduction to what non-binary means, and the specific challenges non-binary people face in the world. It also will provide participants with a sense of what non-binary people need in order to participate safely in society.

How to Make Your Organization More Trans Inclusive

Creating trans inclusive organizations is a great way to start with what’s around you, making sure that the spaces you’re in are as equal and accessible as possible. Whether you’re just starting to think about ways that your organization can specifically include trans people, or you are looking for new tips and perspectives, we can create a workshop specific to your organization, or generally speak to trans inclusion in institutional spaces.

This can be paired with a comprehensive inventory of where your organization is currently at in terms of trans inclusion, and a consulting package, or it can be a standalone workshop.

Including trans people in your organization sometimes requires extra effort, and at the same time it yields rewarding results for everyone.

Creating Trans-Affirming Youth Spaces

So you’re invested in making sure that your school, youth program, or other space with young people is a safe space for everyone, regardless of a/gender identity. You may be new to this, or you might be looking to take your space to the next level. Either way, this workshop can be tailored to your needs.

With interactive activities, practical tips, and space for self-reflection, this workshop can be a stand-alone training for anyone who works with young people, and it can also be coupled with consulting and expert feedback on ensuring your space is a safe and equal place to be a kid.

Trans affirmation means greater freedom for everyone, as we all move towards truer versions of ourselves. We all have the best interests of our youth at heart, and I bring compassionate, energetic clarity to your organization, making sure it lives out its mission of serving youth in all the ways it possibly can.